College Baseball





The 100% turf field (and mound) at UC Health Stadium (located 10 minutes south of Cincinnati just off I-75 in Florence, Kentucky) enables baseball games when normal grass and dirt fields are unplayable, meaning those early Spring games in March and April on your schedule can actually be played!


Many college coaches who choose to play games at UC Health Stadium
last year concluded their travel budget was better utilized to rent our field than bus to an away game that ends up being cancelled.

We expect weekends in late February, all of March and early April to sell out so email Matt @ or call him at 859-594-4487 ext. 21 to inquire on availability for your games.




Baseball supplies: Teams are responsible for booking/paying umpires and providing all baseball equipment such as balls.

Footwear: Molded cleats perform best on this surface, but steel cleats are not allowed whatsoever.  Violators will be ejected and suspended for the day.

Seeds/Peanuts: UC Health Stadium is allergy friendly so peanuts are not permitted in the stadium.  Violators will be ejected.  Seeds are very difficult to remove from concrete and the turf so are not permitted at all.  Violators will be ejected.

Scoreboard: We do not typically operate the scoreboard during college games, but we will open the Press Box and train a volunteer if provided

Cancellation: Games are automatically canceled with a full refund when snow on the field or temps dip below freezing.

See agreement for all Terms and Conditions.

Download the pdf agreement of the Field Rental here.



 In 2016, the Mount Saint Joseph Lions Baseball team made Florence their home away from home. The Lions played 13 games at UC Health Stadium.







**Photos credited to Mount Saint Joseph University**