2018 Fundraising Options




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Youth Sports Fundraisers

The Freedom offer two very effective ways for your child's youth team to earn money for the season while having fun!


1. Conventional Fundraiser: Pick a Freedom game for your event. See above flyer for more information. Begin selling tickets (high involvement, more work)

2. Virtual Fundraiser: No muss. No fuss. Nothing to buy. No settlement date. No inventory to control. No demands placed on your parents. No one is stuck with something they did not want! Instead, your team earns cash every time someone you know attends a Freedom game. How does it work?


  • Register your team with the Freedom
  • Obtain your custom Promo Code
  • Have your entire team “Like” our Freedom Facebook page
  • “Share” Freedom FB posts with your team’s collective Facebook friends, making sure to remind them to use your team’s code when buying tickets
  • We bank $2 for your team every ticket is sold using that promo code
  • Your team is paid on July 15 and Sept 15
  • Only online ticket sales using that promo code qualify (not at our Box Office)


Your team could earn hundreds, even thousands with next to no effort!



Average number players on your team: 12

Average number of Facebook friends per family: 200

Percentage of Facebook friends who attend just ONE Freedom game: 5%

Average number of tickets bought per visit: 4

Total number of tickets bought by your Facebook friends: 480 (12*200*5%*4)

Amount earned per team: $960 ($2 * 480)


Of course, you may communicate this opportunity to your team’s family and friends as you see fit.  Please note the offer may not be combined with any other ticket offer.  Tickets must be purchased at the normal $10 Reserved ticket rate.  Encourage your friends to treat themselves to the $15 VIP section (hostess service) as those tickets will generate $3 each for your team!


To register your team for this fundraiser, simply email Matt Blankenship the following info:

  • Team name
  • League & Age group
  • Primary contact name (Coach?)
  • Email address
  • Cell Phone


Once Matt emails your Promo Code back to you, your team is ready to start earning money!