How To Use Season Tickets

So you're a season ticket holder or you're considering purchasing Freedom season tickets, GREAT!  Season tickets at the Freedom can be used in a variety of fashions.  The obvious ones are:

  • Reward employees for a job well done
  • Thank referrals that keep giving to your business
  • Give to the clients that are important to your company
  • Use them for yourself and enjoy the fun of Freedom baseball all season long

Freedom season tickets come with the benefit of having your seats guaranteed for all 48 games.  But that begs the question of, what if I can't make it to all 48 games?

Simple, the Freedom don't penalize you for not being able to attend games.  So when you miss games or when you give your tickets to others and they miss games, those tickets roll back into your account and can be used for a built in group outing. (example: 4 season tickets, miss 10 games = 40 tickets for a group outing) Use this group outing to:

  • Build comradery
  • Boost moral
  • Introduce your employees to each other's families in the office
  • Introduce your clients to other business leaders you do business with

These unused tickets become so valuable for group outings on Firework Fridays or $1 beer/soda nights.

Other benefits of a Freedom season ticket package:

  • Low associated cost.  Do you have Reds season tickets?  Find that only a select few accept these tickets even when they're free?  That's because even with free tickets to these larger events, by the time your employees or clients pay to park, eat and purchase a few items from the gift shop, those free tickets came with a high associated cost.  Freedom games include free parking, our beer is less than their water and nights include special concessions pricing for things like free kids meals, $1 beer/soda and discounts on hot dogs.  You'll probably find a Freedom season ticket pack will open itself up to more employees wanting to use the tickets.
  • First opportunity to purchase seats for concert events.  Do you want to sit in the front row for Freedom concert events, but by the time you get to order them, they're already gone?  Season ticket holders get a 24 hour window to purchase concert tickets before they are released to the general public!
  • Seat with your name on it!  Now your guests that use their seats know exactly who it is they should thank for the up close seats!

Interested in seeing what's available?  Click here to email Zach Ziler.