Mascot Appearance

At UC Health Stadium, you can find Wally down on the field dancing to the Cotton Eye Joe, high fiving the fans on the first base line, or standing on his head in center field. Or maybe you find yourself asking, "Where's Wally?"

Y'All Star is presented by Life Center Organ Donor Network. He's also referred to as the "Tower of Power" here at UC Health Stadium. You can find him smashing home runs, making diving web gems, and stealing bases here at the ballpark during Freedom home games.

Y'All Star is eager to make an appearance at your next:

  • Birthday Party
  • School Assembly
  • Pep Rally
  • Parade
  • Anything! If you can think of an event that needs a little life and spice Wally is your go-to guy.

Fill out the REQUEST FORM to inquire availability.


The Freedom and the Splash Brothers, Wally and Y'All Star hope to see YOU at UC Health Stadium this summer!

Sponsors receive a free mascot appearance.  Not a sponsor?  Book a tower at $50/hour. Download and fill out the form above! Then contact Knicko Hartung to submit your request!